UnamWebPanel v1.8.0

A web panel currently used to optionally monitor and manage the SilentCryptoMiner. Might support any other projects I release in the future as well.


The panel is quite easy to set up, the only real requirement is a web server with PHP support. You can either host it yourself using Apache or something similar, or you can use any free or paid online webhost.

Here are some simple steps to get started:

  1. Download the panel files and open the UnamWebPanel/config.php file with a text editor.
  2. Change the password at$config['password'] = 'UnamSanctam'; to whatever password you wish to use (only change the UnamSanctam text to your own password), this is the password used to access the web panel.
  3. Upload the contents of the UnamWebPanel folder to your webhosts “public_html” folder or the respective folder for your specific webhost.
  4. Your web panel should now be up and running, you can browse to the URL or IP of your website and you should see the login screen if everything went correctly.

If you wish to add the web panel to the SilentCryptoMiner then enter the following website URL: http://yourwebsite.com/api/endpoint.php (replace yourwebsite.com with your URL or IP, also make sure to use the correct http or https protocol depending on if your site has SSL “support” or not) into the API Endpoint URL field inside the miner.

If you use something other than Apache or IIS to host the web panel then you should check if your database file is exposed to the internet, you can check it by visting the URL http://yourwebsite.com/db/unamwebpanel.db (replace yourwebsite.com with your URL or IP), if it says forbidden or doesn’t display anything then your database is secured.

For local testing

If you simply want to set up a local web panel for testing then here are some simple steps to do so.

  1. Download XAMPP and install it
  2. Extract the UnamWebPanel files into C:\xampp\htdocs (or wherever you installed it)
  3. Open the XAMPP Control Panel and press the “Start” button next to “Apache”
  4. Browse to http://localhost/ and you should be able to login (default password UnamSanctam) and view the web panel

Then if you want any local miners on your computer to connect to it then enter http://localhost/api/endpoint.php into the “API Endpoint URL” of the miners in the miner builder.


1.8.0 (06/02/2024)
Rewrote almost all the code of the web panel to make it easier for others to edit
Added new functionality called IP Blocking with its own page that allows blocking IP addresses from connecting to the web panel
Added constant verification of the hashed password during login sessions, ensuring that any change to the password results in all users being logged out
Added an error log option to the config for enabling or disabling error logging
Changed the error logging function to only log vital error information
Rewrote datatables server side class to be shorter, more optimized and safer
Added further XSS mitigation to both the endpoint, the pages, the APIs and the datatable server side output
Added many strict headers that improve browser security
Added meta tags and headers alongside the current robots.txt to further discourage search engine indexing
Added line graph showing the total amount of online miners over time based on hashrate history reporting
Added pie graph showing the amount of GPU Miners and CPU Miners
Added pie graph showing the statuses of the miners
Remade some of the statistics to have better clarity
Added automatic SQLite database and database folder permissions checks that will display an error if they do not have the required permissions
Merged and removed many unused or unnecessary assets
Replaced SweetAlert2 with another plugin due to its malicious behaviour on .ru, .su, .by and .рф domains
Changed miner types to the more clear CPU Miner and GPU Miner types
Added new miner datatable field called Extra Data that will receive data such as resource reporting in future miner versions
Added logout button to the top navigation menu
Added all missing translations for all supported languages
Added language selection to the login page
Changed the terminology from Active to Mining
Improved the miner endpoint performance


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