UnamBinder 1.3.0 – A free silent native file binder

A free silent (hidden) open-source native file binder.

Main Features

  • Native or Managed – Builds the final executable as a native (C) or a managed (.NET C#) 32-bit file depending on choice
  • Silent – Drops and executes (if enabled) files without any visible output unless the bound program has one
  • Multiple files – Supports binding any amount of files
  • Compatible – Supports all tested Windows version (Windows 7 to Windows 11) and all file types
  • Windows Defender exclusions – Can add exclusions into Windows Defender to ignore any detections from the bound files
  • Icon/Assembly – Supports adding an Icon and/or Assembly Data to the built file
  • Fake Error – Supports displaying a fake error message when file is originally started


Pre-Compiled: https://github.com/UnamSanctam/UnamBinder/releases


You can find the wiki here or at the top of the page.


v1.3.0 (24/05/2022)
Added new managed (.NET C#) assembly compiler and C# program files
Added option to choose between building native (C) or managed (.NET C#) builds
Added “Current Directory” into the file “Drop Location” option
Rewrote native build program code for fewer detections
Obfuscated all commands and added command string morphing to avoid static string detection
Changed Windows Defender exclusion commands to the new undetected form
Added save and load functionality to the builder
Added message box type selection to the “Fake Error” option
Changed compilers to always compile with a manifest to reduce detections
Restructured all project folders and files
Updated compilers


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