Folder Lock 7.8.5 x86 x64 [2021, Multi, NO RUS]

Year/Release Date: 2021
Version: 7.8.5
Developer: New Inc
Developer’s website:

Bit rate: 32bit, 64bit
Interface Language: Multilingual (Russian is absent)
Tablet: present
System Requirements: O.S. Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Folder Lock is an excellent program for protecting information from prying eyes. It allows you to hide certain files, folders and disks, encrypt them and set a password on them.

Files are encoded and “hidden” in such a way that it becomes impossible for unauthorized people to find them on the disk by name or any other way, as well as to use them. The data closed by the program will not be visible in the Explorer window, and when clicking on a protected disk, Windows will report a device access error.

The application makes files inaccessible even to viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware. In addition, it is able to block access to data on flash drives, memory cards, CD/CD-RWs, floppy disks and laptops. To gain access to hidden data, you just need to run Folder Lock and enter the correct password. The program is very easy to operate and supports drag & drop.

Invisible folders: The program allows you to hide selected folders, and once this procedure is done, these locations will only be visible in the Folder Lock interface and nowhere else. Such folders can also be accessed only with the help of this software. File Encryption: You can use the encryption feature to protect your documents. The program creates a crypted container on the disk, access to the contents of which will be closed to all users who do not have a password. You can select NTFS or FAT32 file system type for the container and specify the maximum size. Protect USB: This section of the menu contains three modules – protecting flash drives, CDs and DVDs, and files attached to messages. To protect data on USB, you can either convert a ready-made container to portable and place it on the medium with the help of the program, or form it directly on the flash drive. CDs and DVDs are protected in the same way as flash drives: you need to select a locker (container) and then, with the help of the program itself, write it to the disk. When the attached files are protected, they are placed in a ZIP archive with a password. Data storage: Stores in the program are called “wallets” (wallet) and help keep the user’s personal data private. The data in Folder Lock is stored in the form of cards of various types. This can be information about a company, licenses, bank accounts and cards, passport data, and even health cards that include blood type, possible allergies, phone number, and so on. File Destroyer: The program has a handy file shredder. It helps to completely remove documents from the disk, not just from the MFT table. It also has a module for wiping all free space on disks by writing zeros or random data in one or more passes. Deleting history: To increase security, it is recommended to delete traces of your work on the computer. The program gives you the opportunity to clear temporary folders, delete the history of search queries and the operation of some programs. Automatic protection: This function allows you to choose an action in case of no mouse and keyboard activity for a certain time. There are several options to choose from – closing the application with exiting all protected storage, logging out to the user change screen, and shutting down the computer. Anti-hacking protection: Folder Lock provides the ability to protect your vaults from hacking using password mining. In the settings you can specify the number of attempts to enter incorrect data, after which the program or Windows account will be logged out or the computer will be shut down. The module window displays a history of how many times an incorrect password was entered and what characters were used. Hidden mode: This feature helps to hide the fact that the program is being used. When the Stealth mode is enabled, the application window can be opened only using the hotkeys specified in the settings. The data that the program is installed on the computer will not be displayed in the Task Manager, the system tray, or the list of programs and components in the Control Panel. All encrypted containers and storage can also be hidden from view. Cloud storage: Software developers provide paid services to place your lockers in cloud storage. For a test, you can use 100 gigabytes of disk space for 30 days.


  • Install the program in the default directory
  • Run activator + left click on jaguar heads


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