Snappy Driver Installer Origin R756, SDIO R756, [Driverpacks 11.08.2023] PC

Year/Release Date: 11.08.2023
Version: R756. Build
Developer: Glenn Delahoy, BadPointer (program), SamLab (driverpacks).
Developer’s site: SDI Origin

Resolution: 32bit, 64bit.
Interface Language: Multilingual (Russian is present).
Tablet: not required.
System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.
Snappy Driver Installer Origin (SDI Origin) is a portable program for installing and updating drivers that does not require an internet connection. It is a leader among programs of this class in terms of accuracy of driver selection and speed of operation. When ranking drivers gives priority to more suitable drivers (regardless of the presence of newer versions) to minimize risks for ordinary users. Specialists can appreciate the large amount of information given about drivers and the possibility to choose an alternative driver.

Additional information:
SDIO main features:
Programming language: C/C++.
The most perfect driver selection algorithm among analogs.
The program “weighs” about 4 megabytes (both versions) and does not require any third-party programs/libraries.
High performance during indexing, driver search, installation.
Supports working with unpacked drivers.
Creates system snapshots allowing you to emulate someone else’s system on another PC.
Warnings about possible virus attempts to infect a flash drive with the program.
Ability to update the program and driverpacks via the Internet (torrent technology).

How is this release different from existing releases?
* Differences from SamDrivers: – No third-party software. – No other driver installation programs. – Both versions of SDI program are included – 32-bit and 64-bit. – The distribution is in the form of a folder, not .iso-image, which allows you to choose driverpacks to download. – The distribution is updated each time driverpacks are released, not once a month. * Differences from – Open Source. – Continuation of ideas and philosophy laid down by BadPointer. – Always free software from possible backdoors, ads, affiliate software.

******************************* Snappy Driver Installer Origin by Glenn Delahoy ******************************* Изменения: Version 11 August 2023 * Sam Driver Packs 23.08.0 * SDIO Driver Pack 23.08.2 * Updated languages


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