ExLoader 3.0 | Unified library of game modifications


The application is relevant! All modifications are regularly checked and updated for the latest version of the game. If the modification does not support the latest version of the game, it will be removed from the library.

Question: What should I do if I don’t receive an email?
— If you don’t see the emails, check the spam folder!

Question: How to launch your own .dll?
— In the main menu of the application, click on the text “My collection” and add your modification using the plus card. The injection method and the key to open the modification menu changes in the application settings.

Question: Can I change the style of the application?
— Yes, in the ExLoader settings you can change the color, theme and background image.

Q: Is the application and modifications safe?
— The application is safe, it has been verified by the moderation of the same forum. As for the modifications, there is a special checkbox on the page of each of them, indicating whether the modifications have been checked for the absence of virus threats.

Q: Does this app have a VAC Bypass?
— To the left of the modification launch button there is an icon button that allows you to disable the VAC protection module. Please note that this feature does not protect you from being banned 100%.

Question: What should I do if I run a modification and the game crashes/crashes?
— There is a gear button to the right of the modification launch button. Click on it and select the item “Modifications are not working, help”. The built-in assistant will help you. You can also go to the assistant page using the “I have problems, help” button on the modification launch page.

Question: Do you have a section with personal statistics on modifications?
— Of course, click on the three-dot button at the top of the application and go to the “Personal Statistics” section, all your statistics on modifications are displayed there.

Question: Will I be banned if I play on public sites?
— If you use modifications that have the “Unhook/Unload/Uninject” function (and ExLoader has this function in almost all modifications), then you can disable the modification, go to the “Public Checks” section (the colon button at the top of the application) and clear all traces of modifications/applications log out of the system to pass any check from the administration using the “Delete ExLoader” button.

Question: Can I install ready-made configs for any modification or share my cfg with other users of the application?
— Yes, it can be done in the configuration center. Go to the page to launch the desired modification, click on the gear button and click on the sub-item “Install configs for modification”.


Password from the archive – enesoftware

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