N Codec RAT Plus Premium 2020

N Codec RAT Plus Premium 2020

Program features:

1- Very fast desktop imaging up to 156 FPS and more

2- File manager and file playback at a

distance from the hard disk or the web 3- Camera shooting very fast, up to 60 FPS and more, and recording the microphone direct

4- Fast reverse proxy Socks5 and HTTP

5- Hidden RDP is very fast

6- Fetching local networks WIFI

7- Fetching victim passwords Supports more than 6 famous browsers

8- Direct chat with the victim with a new technology

9- Fetching the victim’s location on the map

10- And others

11- The program is written with complete professionalism. The script was written to suit the high speed of the program and the

very strong stability of the program.

12- Supports multiple port and multiple hosts.

Trial period:

for two days

Explanation of creating an account in the program:

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